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Asset Sale Located in Beaumont, Texas

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OPTION #1(Tools in Beaumont from other Stores) - Includes a listing of tools that came from other locations to supplement the Beaumont fishing tool inventory. They were not included in previous inventories, but are to be considered essential to the Beaumont store being a fully functional fishing operation. Minimum Bid - $207,410. Buy it Now Price - $296,300.

OPTION #2(Resalable Items in Beaumont Location) – These tools were purchased by the Beaumont location for resale to customers. They are not being replaced as they are sold from inventory. They include such items as bits, grapples, and other ancillary tools for sale. Minimum Bid - $149,633. Buy it Now Price - $213,804.

OPTION #3(Additional Beaumont Tools) – These tools came from other stores to supplement the Beaumont fishing tool inventory. They were not included in previous tool listings, but are available for purchase. Minimum Bid - $131,810. Buy it Now Price - $188,300.

OPTION #4A 14’ X 60’ Mobile Home, manufactured by Horton Homes, is available for purchase. It sits on the property, and is currently used to house store employees when on-call. Minimum Bid - $10,000. Buy it Now Price - $14,000.


#1 – Building Lease – Current monthly rent is $6,500.00 for office, shop, and yard. Three years remain on five year lease. Lease expires on October 31, 2015. There are two, 5-year options for extending the lease; one through October, 2020, and the second through October, 2025.

#2 – Vehicles – (1) 2011 Ford F-350 (shop truck) is under a lease with Enterprise. Three years remaining on lease. Payments are $574.00 monthly. (1) 2011 Ford F-150 (Sales Person) is under a lease with Enterprise. Two years remain on lease. Payments are $861.00 monthly. (1) 2007 Ford F-150 (owned by location).

#3 – Gooseneck Trailer – 2011 Big Tex. Minimum Bid - $6,300.00. Buy it Now Price - $9,000.00.

#4 – Forklifts – (1) HYSTER H90FT, and (1) HYSTER H40FT. Two years remain on 4-year lease. Monthly payment is $1305.38, plus tax.

#5 – Employees – Current employees include an inspector @ $60,000/yr., plus piece rate, a welder @ $70,000/yr., a dispatcher @ 56,000/yr., a sales rep @ $48,000/yr., and an office person (currently a temp). Seller will allow Buyer to interview/hire employees, but makes no promise that any/all will remain. All local employees have indicated their willingnes and desire to stay on after the sale.

#6 – Vendors/Customers – Seller will connect the Buyer to both vendors and customers, but makes no promise of any terms of a relationship.

#7 – Non-Compete – Seller maintains the right to service existing customer base.


TERMS OF SALE: All offers must be for cash and include a 10% earnest money down payment which will be held in escrow until the winning bid is declared and accepted. If your bid is accepted the deposit becomes non-refundable. The balance will be wired according to our terms on October 29th and a Bill of Sale will be issued.

Bids may be submitted by email ( or ), by fax (866) 827-7227 or by regular mail (attn: Dan Kruse 11202 Disco San Antonio, TX 78216). All bidders should inspect the equipment prior to making an offer. All offers and earnest money must be received no later than October 26, 2012 at 5pm CST. All non-accepted offers and deposits will be returned Monday October 29, 2012.

Location of offering: 12841 Highway 90 · Beaumont, TX 77713 · Phone 409.860.1745

All offers must be in US dollars and currency. Please call if you have any questions. Thank you for your consideration.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Inventories as well as images may vary. Please call for an appointment. All items are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS, WITH ALL FAULTS” and without guarantee or warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Information in this inventory has been generated by the Seller and Kruse Asset Management and is merely a guide, subject to change and neither Kruse Asset Management, the Seller, its advertising agency, nor publishers shall be liable for errors.

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