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Skytop Brewster N-42 750HP Rig for Sale

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Listing Details

RIG #2

7,000' - 10,500' Depth


Skytop Brewster N-42 750HP Drawworks:

Powered by (2) D-353 Caterpillar Engines

(2) Quincy 325 Compressors

131' x 15-1/2’ Butler Parks:

w/6 sheave crown cluster, 1-1/8” grooving

40'L x 21'W x 14'H Box on Box Substructure:

w/matching v-door & catwalk assembly

20-1/2" National Rotary Table

250 Ton Block/Hook Combo, 1-1/8" grooving, 5 sheaves

300 Ton Swivel

Mud Pumps:

#1-LZHT 1000HP Triplex Pump Powered by C-27 Caterpillar Engine

#2-LZHT 1000HP Triplex Pump Powered by C-27 Caterpillar Engine

Generator House- w/attached storage

Complete w/electrical distribution panels:

(2) 320KW Generators powered by 3406B Caterpillar Engines

Curtis Toledo Screw Air Compressor

Explosion Proof Lighting

15,000' Electric Over Hydraulic Survey Machine

Satellite Automatic Driller

Mud Pit System:

600 Bbl. Mud Tanks

Cobra Linear Motion Shale Shaker

(2) Centrifugal Mud Mixing Pumps

Premix Tank


500 Bbl. Water Tank w/fresh water circulating system & parts house attached

9400 Gallon Fuel Tank w/transfer pumps

900 Gallon 4 Compartment Lubester

BOP Equipment:

11" x 3000# Spherical Annular BOP

Townsend Type 82-11" x 3000# Double Ram BOP

11" x 3000# Mud Cross w/outlets

(2) 3-1/8" x 3000# Choke Valves

(2) 2-1/16” x 3000# Kill Valves

3” x 3000# Manifold (skidded)

4 Station 3000# Closing Unit w/Remote Panel (skidded}

Drillers Dog House

Mud House

Matting Boards

8' x 25' x 6"

8’ x 10’ x 6”

Listing No. 369