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(8) Rig Package for Sale

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Ideco, XJ100, WS Cooper, ZJ-20 + Models
Includes: Warehouse of Equipment

Includes: Various Sizes of Drill Pipe
Located: Trinidad and Tobago

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Listing Details

Sale Price: $3,000,000 USD / Major Price Reduction: $1,950,000 USD
NEW Package Price: $1,750,000 USD

Rig Inventory Detail

Click HERE to view the complete inventory package.  Indiviudal rigs can be viewed below.

Rig 2:  WS Cooper 250 SP300 - Workover Rig. 109,000# Hook Load, 3600' Single Rack Back, 238 HP
Click Here to View Rig 2 Inventory Details

Rig 6:  WS IDECO DIR-308 - Workover Rig. 212,000# Hook Load, 8400' Double Rack Back, 335 HP
Click Here to View Rig 6 Inventory Details

Rig 8:  IDECO 433 - 297,000# Hook Load, 750 HP, 2000 Meter Drilling Capacity 
Click Here to View Rig 8 Inventory Details

Rig 9:  Mack Carrier - Workover Rig. 40,000# Hook Load, 235 HP
Click Here to View Rig 9 Inventory Details

Rig 16:  GJ JC40 / QZ225/6-K Rig - Standard A Frame Derrick, 506,250# Hook Load, 2250 KN, 4000 Meter Drilling Capacity
Click Here to View Rig 16 Inventory Details

Rig 17:  ZJ-20 Rig - 8 Lines,1600 KN, 359,694# Hook Load, 2000 Meter Drilling Capacity
Click Here to View Rig 17 Inventory Details

Rig 18:  ZJ-15 Rig - 8 Lines, 1350 KN, 303,492# Hook Load, 1500 Meter Drilling Capacity
Click Here to View Rig 18 Inventory Details

Rig 19:  XJ100 Rig - 8 Lines, 1350 KN, 303,492# Hook Load, 1000 Meter Drilling Capacity
Click Here to View Rig 19 Inventory Details

Additional:  Drill Pipe, Warehouse Equipment, Handling Tools, Elevators, Dog Houses
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Please note:  The provided inventory is merely a guide, buyers are wholly responsible to verify the condition and make their own physically inspection of the items.  ALL items are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS, WITH ALL FAULTS” without a warranty or guarantee of any kind, whether written, expressed or implied as to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or intent. Any reference to year, make, model, serial number, condition, and mileage are provided as accurately as possible from sources believed to be reliable. 





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