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SUPERIOR 700-UE 800HP SCR Drill Rig (Reconditioned)

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Reconditioned and Unused Since

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Stacked 4Yrs, Located in Houston, TX

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NOTE:  This rig has been field stacked for several years.  Condition of equipment should be personally evaulated upon inspection.

Superior 700 UE D/D Drawworks 800 HP 18”x40” Drum, 42”x8-3/8” New Brake Bands and Brake Blocks, 5 Forward, 1 Reverse Hoisting Speeds, P/B GE 752 (1000HP) Traction Motor, SR-22 Hydromatic Brake, Triple Clutches (PO 318, 318, 218), Kelco Make-up/Brake-Out Catheads, Ideco 27-1/2” Rotary Table Totally Rebuilt.  All Above Mounted on Skid W/Covered Roof, and Drawworks Fully Function Tested and Run-Out. 

Dreco 133’ x 428,000 # SHL (SN E9186-698) 18.5’ Leg Spread, Gross Nominal Capacity of 600,000lbs, Crown C/W Five (5) 42” Sheaves, One (1) 50” Fastline Sheave, Tong Buckets, Lighting, Racking Capacity of 140 Stands 4-1/2 D.P. Mast (12,600ft) Comes W/ CAT-3 Inspection, National 250 Ton Block Hook Combination 5-Sheave, 300T National Swivel (N-69)

Dreco Sling-Shot Substructure Floor Height 16’7”, Under Rotary Beams Height 14’3” with Hydraulic Skidding System C/W Two (2) Lantec Hydraulic Winches, New 1-1/8” Substructure Lines, Hydraulic Operating System Mounted in Hydraulic Power Unit, Winches Operate 8-Line (4 Sheaves) in Each Sub-Base.  Substructure Comes W/ CAT-3 Inspection.  Derrick Stand 8’x10’x21’.  Drill Floor has New1/4” Diamond Plate, Drop-Ins, and New Floor Matting, and New Set Back Area. 

Hydraulic House complete W/ Tank, 100 HP Electric Motor and Systems Controls, Four (4) 55’ Skids 12” Tall W/ Four (4) Hydraulic Cylinders W/ “Locking Dogs” for Rig Skidding Set on I-Beams and 16” Slotted Top Beam. 

Three (3) Caterpillar D-398 TA Diesel Engines (HRs. 360, 620, 2692) Since “0” Hour In-Frame Overhaul, Kato Generators, 3ph, 60 Hz, Lister Cold Start, Air Volume Tanks. All Above Mounted on (3) Individual Skidded Houses W/ Overhead Lighting and Sound Attenuated Walls.
Gen #1:  Kato (S/N 82222-9), 800 KW, 1000 KVA, 1200 RPM, 346/600 Volt
Gen #2:  Kato (S/N 84841), 1050 KW, 1500 KVA, 1200 RPM, 346/600 Volt
Gen #3:  Kato (S/N 2223-8), 800 KW, 1000 KVA, 1200 RPM, 346/600 Volt

Ross-Hill Model 1400 3x3 Bay SCR System 600 Volt, 1600 Amp System, Dual A/C Units, Overhead Lighting, Allen-Bradley Receptacles, All Above Mounted on 3-Runner Oilfield Skid. 

Two (2) Honghua H&H 1000HP Triplex Mud Pumps (3 Wells Since New) P/B GE 752 Traction Motor, Pulsation Dampners, Strainers, Reset/Relief Valves, Belt Driven, Part Boxes, Overhead Lighting, Roughneck Heaters, Pressure Gauges, Charging Pumps. All Above Mounted in Two (2) Sided Houses W/ 3-Runner Oil?eld Skids C/W Loading Hitches.  

Hydril 11” x 5M Flange x Flange Double, C/W 3-1/16” Side Outlets. Recertified, C/W CSO and 4-1/2” Rams. Texas Topper 11” x 5M Annular C/W Stuffed Top Flanged Bottom.  Recertified. Valvcon 4-Station 135 Gallon Closing Unit Dual Air Over Hydraulic, Dual Air Volume Tanks, (2) Lister Air Pumps P/B Electric Motors, Tool House, All Above Mounted on 8’6” W x 34’ L Skidded House. 3-1/8” 5M x 4-1/16” 5M Dual Manual Choke Manifold W 2-1/16” 5M Mud Gauge Outlet.  Three (3) Air Compressors, (1) Cold-Start, (2) Screw, Have Been Rebuilt and Function Tested to OEM.  

Two (2) Tank 650 BBL Mud System Mounted on Triple Runner Oilfield Skid W/ Built-In Stairs, Hand Rails and Explosion Proof Lighting.  System Includes Mud House, Water Tank and Fuel Tank, Missing Hopper, 50HP Electric Motors, (Baker SPD) Centrifugal Pumps, 5HP Mud Agitators, Allen-Bradley Switchgear, Eyewash Station, One (1) 10” Swaco Desander and Ten (10) 4” Swaco Desilters. 

10’ 6” H x 40’ L Open Top Water Tank 350 BBL C/W Steam Lines, Stairs. Sandblasted, Primed and Painted.

10’ 6” H X 42’ L, 12,500 Gallon Square (curved bottom) Diesel Tank C/W Stairs, Dump Valves, Site Glass Tank has Been Sandblasted, Primed and Painted Safety Red.



Tongs, Slips, Elevators, Lift Subs, Lift Nubbins, X/Overs, Bit Subs Substructure & Misc. Matting Boards, Wind Walls, (2) Junk Baskets Full of Crossovers and Subs, Substructure Matting Boards, Boiler, Mathey Wireline Retriever / Surveyor Electric Driven, Full Sets of Slings, Spool of D.L. 1-1/8”, Mast Headache Rack, 2-Cellar Pumps, Rig Tools, High Pressure Hoses, V-Door (24’L x 6’W) C/W Integrated Stairs






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