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Continental Emsco C-1 Type II 1500HP Rig For Sale

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TDS 500 Top Drive
Located Near Casper, WY

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Hoisting and Rotating  
Drawworks Continental Emsco C-1 Type II (1,500 hp) 
Auxiliary Brake Elmagco 6032 W
Rotary Table Continental Emsco T-2750 with a 27-1/2" opening
Traveling Block Continental Emsco RA 52-6 (500 ton)
Swivel Continental Emsco LB-500 (500 ton) 
Top Drive  Tesco ECI 900 / 500 Ton
Power Package  
SCR Generators 3-Kato 1,204 kW powered by CAT-3512C
SCR House Ross Hill 1650 3-SCR x 3-Gen 
Well Control  
Annular 11" x 5M / 10M Bottom Flange
Single Ram 11" x 10M Double Ram
Accumulator Koomey 6 Station 180 gallon capacity 
Choke Manifold 4" x 2" 10,000 psi 
Mud System  
Mud Pump 1 F-1600 
Mud Pump 2 F-1600 
Mud Pits 3-pit system (1,144 bbl) with 6 agitators 100 bbl premix pit built into suction 
Shale Shakers 2-Derrick FLC-503 
Separator 4' x 22' 
Trip Tank 86 barrels 
Mast Continental Emsco 142' 800,000 pounds staitic hookload on 12 lines 
Substructure Continental Emsco box on box 32' floor height 
Fluid Storage  
Diesel Tank 1-tank 18,800 gallon total capactiy
Water Tank 1-tank 500 bbl total capacity
Drill Pipe 5"  G-105 and    
Rig Moving System Woolslayer Skidding System (400 ton)
BOP Handling System DZ-500 (50 ton) 
Pipe Spinner Gray Mark 10 
Air Compressor 2-Sullivan 50 DG 50hp 
Survey Instrument Sedco  wireline unit
(Rig 235)  

Listing No. 239