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BREWSTER N-4 Trailer Mtd Drilling Rig

No Longer Available

Refurbished 2006
Priced to Sell NOW $225,000

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Located in Oklahoma

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BREWSTER N-4 Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig (refurbished 2006)

1x N-4 Draw works w/ Hydromatic powered by Cat 3406C, twin disc torque converter
1x 6000’ Cap. 250000# freestanding derrick
14x 6 -6 1/4” collars recessed for slips, elevator
1x 8 x 8 x 35 sub base 400,000#
1x 8 x 25 trailer mounted scoping dog house
1x 5 x 40 Cat walk
1x Set pipe of pipe racks
2x Type C, BJ Tongs
1x Elevator and slips for DP and DC
1x Grey Type F swivel
1x 40’ Kelly and Drive Bushing
2x Pipe skids
1x Generator 125 KW, 3306 CAT
1x 8” -3000 PSI Annular
1x 1 -3 Station Closing Unit
1x 380K National Mud Pump, powered by Cat 3406 Diesel
1x 5x6 Mission Mud Mixing Pump
1x Mud Hopper
1x 400 BBL Mud System
1x Drillograph Single Pen Recorder
1x Satellite Auto Driller
1x National 125 Ton Block, Hook Combination
1x 9 x 45 Back on Ramp
1x 2000 Gallon Skidded Diesel Tank
1x 500 BBL Water Tank
1x Wash Down Pump
1x 5000’ 4 Hole, Drill Pipe
1x 6000 Full

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