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2013 NOV DGSD-500 2000 HP - World Class Rig

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Cost over $40Million
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NOV TDS - 11SA Top Drive
Steel Toe Mover Walking System
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Listing Details

*COST OVER $40,000,000 - motivated sellers, make an offer!

Sale price $18 Million

Low hours of actual utilization 

  • Rig operational 4Q13
  • Drilling Days- effectively only 1.1 years of actual utilization
    • 2013- 19 days (Purchased rig late 2013)
    • 2014- 68 days
    • 2015- 239 days
    • 2016- 101 days

Key technical features:

- 2,000 horsepower, top-drive (TDS-11, world’s most popular top drive)
- 1 million lbs of mast hook load capacity, 25’ base
- Capable of drilling  beyond 6,000m / 20,000 ft

- Alternating Current and software control system
- 13-5/8” 10,000 psi BOP stack, NOV Shaffer proprietary LXT design
- Allows rig to adhere precisely to operator determined drilling parameters, maximizing ROP (rate of penetration) and bit life in today’s   advanced PDC bits
- NOV is world leader in drilling controls

- 3 mudpumps with 4,800 total hydraulic HP
- 5,000 psi rated (upgrade to 7,500 psi possible)
- Semi-automated rig, walking-feet for well-pad drilling
             - 6 wells per pad, spaced 20’ apart (~20 – 30 minutes to walk from well to well)
             - Can walk with windwalls installed and all pipe / drill collars in racking board

- EU road-ready
         - Minimal oversize transports loads
         - No special escort vehicles necessary - <2.5m width and <1,200kg/axle
         - 50 mT crane instead of 120mT+ crane for rig-up
         - Compact sub-structure (split base-box design)
         - Rig floor (including all equipment) is assembled at 7 – 8 feet high (versus ~30’ for box on box)
- CE and ATEX certified


2000 HP Technical Specifications


  • Hook Load Rating: 1,000,000 lbs (453.6 MTs)
  • Mast Height: 142’ (43.3 meters)
  • Base Dimensions: 25’ (7.62 meters)
  • Racking Capability: 220 triple stands of 5” Drill Pipe, plus Collars*

*variations possible on request


  • Rotary Load: 950,000 lbs (431 MTs)
  • Setback Load: 650,000 lbs (294.8 MTs)
  • Clear Height: 26’ – 1” (7.96 meters)
  • Drill Floor Height: 30’ – 0” (9.144 meters)
  • Drill Floor Dimensions: 49’ X 49’ (14.94 X 14.94 meters)
  • Self-erecting Slingshot Substructure
  • Hydraulic walking system for main drilling module c/w Grasshopper + Accordion Cable System
  • Piping suitcases to suit multiple well patterns


  • NOV DGSD-500
  • 2300 Continuous Horsepower

Top Drive:

  • NOV TDS – 11SA
  • 27,500 ft-lbs of continuous drilling torque

Pipe Handling

  • ST-100 Iron Roughneck
  • PipeCat Transfer System

Driller’s Controls

  • AMPHION Drilling Control Station
  • Climate-controlled cabin with ergonomic driller’s controls

Mud System

  • 2 x NOV 12-P-160 Mud Pumps
  • 4,800 total hydraulic HP
  • Mud system capacity: 1447 bbls *
  • Brandt Quad King Cobra Shakers

Features and Benefits:

  • NOV’s Dreco Slingshot Substructure engineered for quick and easy assembly
  • AMPHION Drilling Control System offers unmatched drilling control of a single, integrated system
  • TDS-11SA AC Top Drive delivers reliable drilling performance with more power and higher torque
  • ST-100 Iron Roughneck, PipeCat, PS-21 Power Slips, and BX Hydraulic Elevators provide superior pipe-handling
  • RIgSense 2.0 Rig Site Information System for comprehensive drilling information and remote networking for fast and accurate decision-making
  • Brandt Solids Control Equipment and round-bottom mud tanks promote efficient removal of unwanted solids while retaining expensive additives
  • Compact design means smaller load sizes, easing transportation on restrictive European roads
  • The Steel Toe Rig Mover walking system proves enhanced pad drilling capability
  • Improved ROP and borehole quality through best-in-class controls technology
  • Maximum up-time through field-proven equipment, remote support, and the industry’s largest service organization


National Oilwell Varco offers Europe a complete drilling rig package that meets strict CE requirements for safety, quality, and environmental protection. Designed by engineers that understand difficult operating environments and harsh weather conditions, our NOV European rigs come complete with winterization packages that keep your equipment running, and provide safe and comfortable work areas for your crew. Adhering to strict noise regulations, European rigs incorporate noise suppression provisions in the generator buildings, drill floor wind-walls, and HPU skid. Transport loads are designed to meet tight European road requirements while at the same time minimizing the total number of loads required between locations. Like the AC Ideal Rig series, European rigs are perfectly suited for pad drilling and can be delivered with the Steel-Toe Rig Mover rig walking system to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact. 

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