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LTI-750 2,000HP AC Rig - State of the Art Rig! CURRENTLY WORKING!

No Longer Available

 $16,500,000 Price Just Reduced.
Winterized and Working Now!
Located in Williston, ND 
*Available in Spring 2018 (After 1YR Contract)
Cost $22-$25 Million New... Huge Savings!

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2000 HP Electric AC Power

Drilling Depth Capacity

Power System
Three (3) Cat 3512 C diesel engines with Three (3) Cat 1225 KW AC generators and OMRON VFD Drive, four (4) bays to power pumps, drawworks, rotary, lighting and hotel load

Draw Works
LTI-750 AC rated at 2300 input HP

DSI 147' Mast rated at 1,000,000 SHL Integrated Top Drive guide

Drill Line
1-3/8" EIPS

DSI 30' high self-elevating lowfloor substructure with 27' clear height under beams with a rated casing capacity of 1,000,000 lb and 600,000 lb setback

Mud Pumps
Two (2) Lewco WH11612 1600 HP triplex pumps each driven by one (1) 1600 HP AC high torque traction motor

National 27-1/2” Powered by One (1) 800 HP AC traction motor

Top Drive
NOV-TDS-11 500 Ton AC Drive

Block and Hook
500 ton National Style

Drill Pipe
5" od – 12,500’

Drill Collars
Twenty-one (21) 6-1/4” od Nine (9) 8” od

Annular Preventer
Hydril 11" 5,000 psi WP

Ram Preventers
11" 5000 psi Double Ram Cameron Type U 11" 5000 psi Single Ram Cameron Type U

Choke Manifold
4-1/16" x 3-1/16" 5,000 psi WP

Accumulator System
Chiles (6) station with remote control, 220 gal. accum.

Mud System
Two (2) Tank 1000 BBL System Two (2) Derrick 513 HG Shakers 3 in 1 mud cleaner Vac. Degasser

Auxillary Equipment
Toolpusher and crew quarters One (1) 500 BBL water tank Two (2) 12,000 gal fuel tank Automatic driller Pipe spinner NOV-Iron Roughneck Type 80-C Wrangler 3500 Hydraulic Catwalk

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