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2014 Mitey Titan 75K Snubbing Unit for Sale

Sale Price $99,500

With Deutz Power Unit
Under 500 Hours, Great Condition
Located in Midland, Texas

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Listing Details

Mitey Titan Compact Snubbing Unit Trailer Mounted

  • Snubbing Jack assembly with three sets of 7-1/16 Full Bore Mitey Titan Slips (Slips use Cavin C Bodies and dies and Bowls are manufactured by MTI), Base Plate, Snub Plate and Travelling Plate. Jack capable of approximately 75,000 lbs pull and 45,000 lbs Snub capacity. Approximately 5.0 Ft Stroke. Cylinder design with Wear Bands & Speed Cushions.
  • Hydraulic Power Unit including Diesel Engine sized to run the unit, Diesel Tank, Hydraulic Tank, Pumps, Hydraulic Cooler, emergency air shutoff, Engine control panel, electrical work, batteries on Open Skid Design
  • Hydraulics to run Snubbing Jack, 3 sets of slips, One annular BOP (the cost of annular BOP is not included with this package) with One additional Spare Function– set includes valves (hydraulic over electric valves are included), hoses & fittings, hose connections from Hydraulic Power unit to Operator Console and operator console to Snubbing unit. Safety feature included in this standard package - traveler slips will not disengage until stationary slips are activated and vice-versa (comes with an override).
  • Removable Operator’s Console – Can be placed at any convenient and safe location)
  • Gooseneck Trailer with custom built deck, 8 ft x 26 ft, comes with mounting fixtures for Snubbing Unit and Operator's Console. The configuration will include Deck Hydraulic Controls for the Operation of Pull-Back Winch. Trailer deck will allow control of all fluid spills on the deck.





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