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GES Quicksilver 1600 HP AC-VFD Drilling Rig for Sale

Sale Price: $2,950,000

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Located: South Central Texas

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Listing Details

GENERAL:  GES  Quicksilver Drilling system designed for safe, efficient operations. Rig is designed to move up to 100 miles in 48 hours with no cranes.

DRAWWORKS:  GES 1,600 HP AC Drawworks, grooved for 1-3/8” drill line, driven by 1500 HP continuous, 1830 HP intermittent AC drive motor.

MAST :  GES mast  with 136 feet clear height and a 750,000 lb. static hook load capacity when strung on 12 Lines. Mast has racking capacity of 19,500 feet of 5” drill pipe and four (4) stands of 6.5” drill collars. Or 23,400 feet of 4-1/2” drill pipe and four (stands) of 6-1/2” drill collars. NOTE: MODIFICATIONS MADE TO ALLOW SKIDDING OF MAST AND SUBSTRUCTURE ON LOCATION UP TO 25 FEET WITHOUT MOVING REST OF RIG.

SUBSTRUCTURE :  GES hydraulically raised substructure with 26’ drill floor height and 22.5’ clear working height under the rotary beams. Casing capacity of 750,000 lbs. and setback capacity of 505,000 lbs for a combined load capacity of 1,255,000 lbs. Drill Floor area is approximately 21.5’ x 40’. Contains air conditioned driller’s cabin with GES electronic driller with interface for other electronic drilling systems, if desired.

TRAVELLING BLOCK: 400 ton travelling block with six 42” sheaves grooved for 1-3/8” drill line

TOP DRIVE:  CANRIG 1035 Top Drive

INDEPENDENT  ROTARY SYSTEM:  27.5”  Rotary table driven by one 1150 HP continuous, 1400 HP intermittent AC drive motor.

MUD PUMPS:  Two BOMCO 1600 HP mud pumps: 12” stroke; each driven by 1500 HP continuous, 1830 HP intermittent AC drive motor. NOTE: UPGRADED TO 7500 psi. 

MUD SYSTEM: Total Capacity of approximately 900 bbls. , consisting of one self elevating equipment skid, one round bottom mud cleaning tank, one round bottom suction tank, one mud mixing skid, and one mud gas separator / trip tank skid. All tanks have hinged, covered man ways to allow access and facilitate use of oil based mud.

SOLIDS CONTROL EQUIPMENT: Three (3) Brandt Dual King Cobra shale shakers coupled with Brandt ‘Fluid Conditioner’ containing Brandt Dual King Cobra shale shaker and 16 Desilter cones, Dual Desander cones. One Brandt vacuum vessel degasser.

ENGINE-GENERATORS:  Three CAT  3512C Diesel Engines rated at 1476 HP each with  Caterpillar 1750 KVA, 600 volt  generators.

BLOWOUT PREVENTERS: One  Cameron 13-5/8" 10,000# double Type  ‘U’ ram BOP, plus One

Cameron 13-5/8” 10,000# single Type ‘U’ ram BOP

One ‘Control Flow’ ( Houston, TX) 13-5/8” 5,000# Annular BOP, with Remote driller’s closing panel.

One Koomey ‘Type 80’ 7 station, 22 bottle Accumulator. One 10,000 psi choke manifold.

DRILL PIPE: 5.0” 19.50# S-135 drill pipe.

DRILL COLLARS:   (21) 6-1/2” drill collars; (6) 8" drill collars

MISCELLANEOUS: 500 Bbl. Fresh water tank, 500 Bbl. Fuel tank. Note: Full details of complete rig

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