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O F F E R I N G S  F R O M  A  T E X A S  P R I V A T E  C O L L E C T I O N

A R T I S T : R A U L  G U T I E R R E Z
Collectors of his work include the l ate President Lyndon B. Johnson; former Texas Governor Connally; former President of Mexico, Miguel Aleman; and nationally known country and western  singer and actor, George Strait. Named Texas Artist of the Year by the Texas Legislature.

28"x32" THREE COWBOYS - Original Painting, Oil on Canvas (Image Below)
Sale Price: $17,000 (Retail $35,000) 

24"x30" TEXAS RANGER ON TRAIL - Original Painting, Oil on Canvas (Image Below)
Sale Price: $14,000 (Retail $30,000)


36"x50" TEXAS MISSION - Original Painting, Oil on Canvas (Image Below)
SalePrice: $19,500 (Retail $ 60,000)

36"x24" INDIAN BUFFALO HUNTER - Original Painting, Oil on Canvas (Image Below)
Sale Price: $17,000 (Retail $35,000)


A R T I S T : T H O M A S  K I N K A D E
World renowned artist i s an American painter of popular realistic, pastoral and idyllic subjects. This painting is from the Burt Reynolds personal estate.

20 " x 16 " LANDSCAPE - Original Painting, Oil on Canvas Sale Price: $12,000 (Retail $28,000)


A R T I S T : G E O R G E  M O L N A R
Truly one of America' s finest realist painters. His work has been featured in many publications and been on the cover of Southwest Art magazine and The lustrator on multiple occasions.

30 " x 54 " CLINT EASTWOOD GUNMAN Original Painting, Oil on Canvas
Sale Price: $16,500 (Retail $42,500)


A R T I S T : H E L E N  H U N T E R
Helen Hunter ( 1920 - 2003 ) : An American artist, born in Texas, who studied under Ellie Wheeler, a student of Jose Arpa and at the Witte Museum. In college she was the school' s newspaper cartoonist and designed stained glass for O'Neal Ford. Through her studies Hunter, learned to incorporate both elements of realism and impressionism into her works, which seem to be continually and seamlessly blend between the two.  This ability won her many acclaimed awards and honor, as well as recognition from Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Time and many other publications. Today her art i s on display in many fine institutions where it is enjoyed by critics and collectors a like.

24 " x 18 " BLOOMING CACTUS Original Oil Painting
Sale Price: $3,500 (Retail $6,500)


A R T I S T : R O B E R T  G E B I N G
Texas painter Robert Gebing completed a 20-year career painting for the Federal Government/Pentagon including portraits of Presidents and Generals. After his retirement, Robert has continued painting and perfecting his craft.

70 " x 50 " MAGNIFICENT UTAH Original Painting, Oil on Canvas
Sale Price: $17,500 (Retail $50,000)





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