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Coil Tubing Equipment: Act Fast!

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A.  Coil Tubing Package w/BOP's
B.  2014 Jereh Coil Tubing Unit w/BOP's
C. 2003 Body Load Coil Tubing Unit

Trucks Included, Located: Odessa, TX

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Listing Details

Coil Tubing Package (Includes Trucks):
  •       2013 Stewart and Stevenson Coil Tubing Unit
              · 20,000' of 2" CT
              · 100K Pull, 40K Snub Capacity Injector Head
              · RS-24 (extension welded on reel for more capacity)
              · CTES Orion Data Acquistion System
              · S&S Model TT-100-XC
              · BOP's
  •       2013 CS&P Trailer Mounted Nitrogen Unit
              · 90K SCFM Triplex Pump Unit
              · 2,000 Gal. DNV Rated Tank
  •       2013 CVA Trailer Mounted Fluid Pump Unit
             · Double 600HP MSI Triplex Pumps
             · Mobile Data Acquisition System
             · Twin 630HP Cummings QSX-15 Engines
             · 15,000 Capacity

2014 Jereh CTU 1.25/2.0, ZRT 80 Injector, 40,000#, Pull Down, Includes: 2013 Peterbilt 388 W/Kabota Generator/Hydraulic Wet Kit, BOP's

2003 International Body Load CTU, 1.25, J&N 10M Quad, Fassi Crane, Hydraulic Wet Kit

Listing No. 254